Running A Successful Pharmacy In Challenging Times

Running A Successful Pharmacy

OUR NEWEST PRESENTATION!  Increasing competition from mail order and big-box pharmacies continues to threaten community pharmacists, often stagnating their prescription volumes and enticing away their best people. One way your competition improves their pharmacists' (and pharmacies') output, productivity, and efficiency while enhancing retention rates and reducing potential errors is the use of customized technology solutions. This session will explore how community pharmacists can compete by increasing their services to boost earnings and differentiate themselves to their patients. Attendees of this session will leave empowered to make redeployment decisions to lead their pharmacies into the future of frontline healthcare

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Improving Efficiencies and Reducing Dispensing Errors

Reducing Dispensing Errors

According to studies, more than 20 percent of North Americans are 55 years or older and this growing segment of the population accounts for more than 40 percent of all prescriptions dispensed. With the existing shortage of pharmacists, as prescription volumes grow pharmacists will be forced to fill more prescriptions in less time. How can we improve output, productivity, and efficiency without the increased workload leading to increases in dispensing errors? This seminar--known to its audiences as the "Who Wants to be a Pharmacist?" game-- addresses these problems and proposes solutions to make the practice of pharmacy more efficient without sacrificing dispensing accuracy or patient care.


"I loved the 'Who wants to be a pharmacist' game!", time just flew."    •   "This was a great presentation."    •   "An excellent presentation--best of whole (NACDS) conference."    •   "A very informative presentation."    •   "Program was excellent."    •   "Wayne presented very well and it is a treat to attend a course that isn't all based on drug products."    •   "Wayne's teaching method was very entertaining and easy to follow."    •   "Best of show" (American Pharmaceutical Association)

A videotape of this presentation is available from the Efficient Pharmacy Institute.

An audio-only version is available from (from NACDS 2002 Pharmacy & Technology Conference).

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How to Assess and Meet Your Technology Needs

Assessing Your Needs

As prescription volume grows dramatically and the pharmacy manpower shortage continues to challenge retention rates, pharmacists are required to fill more prescriptions in less time. Rising workloads raise concerns about potential prescription errors and increased pressure to keep key positions filled. One way to improve output, productivity, and efficiency while enhancing retention rates and reducing potential errors is the use of customized technology solutions. This session will explore how to analyze your technology needs and select viable solutions that fit. We will discuss how to deal effectively with your chosen supplier(s) to ensure a successful ordering and implementation process. Attendees of this session will leave empowered to make technology decisions to lead their pharmacies into the future of frontline healthcare.

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The Aesthetics of an Efficient Pharmacy

Aesthetics of an Efficient Pharmacy

Numerous studies have to been conducted to measure the effects of environment on productivity and errors. In the era of pharmacist shortages and increases in prescriptions, it is important to examine all factors that can contribute to increasing productivity without the concomitant increase in dispensing errors.


"A perfect compliment to a busy day."   •   "It was definitely a fun-filled evening and very well presented and full of new ideas."

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The Efficient Pharmacy: Through Automation & Design

Efficient by Design

Automation and Design is a 2-part 110-minute presentation and workshop. Part 1 provides community pharmacists with an understanding of the methods and tools available to improve productivity in pharmacy operations, including an overview and comparison of available dispensing automation. Part 2 helps community pharmacists improve productivity in their pharmacy through better design and workflow. Part 2 is followed by an interactive design workshop.


"Good presentation and good atmosphere."   •   "Very good presentation and well worth the 120 mile drive."   •   "Very enjoyable."   •   "Excellent experienced speaker" (NACDS)   •   "Working with the (architectural) model was excellent for reinforcing of concepts."   •   "Great information."

An audio tape is available of the NACDS presentation.

This seminar is also available as 2--independent 1-hour presentations: One focused on automation and the second focused on design.

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The Future of Telepharmacy is NOW!


Most pharmacists are blind to the idea that using telepharmacy can make them more money, make better use of existing resources, and allow them to expand their services to areas they have not previously considered.

The US Navy had a major problem with remoteness. 250 ships at sea and only two pharmacists to serve all of them.  So too North Dakota (the third least populous and the fourth least densely populated of the 50 United States) was struggling with the need to provide pharmaceutical services to remote communities. The introduction of telepharmacy in the late 1990s dealt with both these American issues.

As the second largest country in the world, and with a population density of 3.5 people per square kilometre, Canada is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, so we share the US Navy and North Dakota’s issues with providing pharmaceutical services where they are needed.

Canada, too, turned to telepharmacy to solve some of these issues, beginning with a Cranbrook, BC hospital which, in June 2003, installed a telepharmacy system to assist a hospital in a nearby town that was unable to hire a pharmacist.

Here are some of the ways Canadian pharmacists can use telepharmacy to improve their patient care and their bottom lines:

  • Open a location previously considered too remote to justify a pharmacy.
  • Provide fee-for-service in-home or in-medical facility med-reviews and counseling sessions.
  • Add a disease state specialist to be shared among a number of pharmacies.
  • Make more productive use of professional staff in low volume pharmacies while reducing stress and medication errors in high volume facilities.
  • Ease the impact of staff shortages caused by vacation and sick time.

You no longer have the opportunity to be the first in Canada to embrace telepharmacy, but I caution you not to wait to be the last organization to capitalize on this important development in healthcare technology whose time has come.

Read the article at PharmacyU

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Improve Productivity in Community Pharmacy Through Workflow and Design


There are many challenges and concomitant opportunities for pharmacists today - forcing a change from product distribution to patient care and disease management. While there are many barriers to a successful shift, improving dispensary operations through automation, re-design and more efficient use of clerical and professional staff can help free valuable pharmacist's time and enhance patient-pharmacist interaction. This seminar will explore new ideas in the approach to community pharmacy design as well as new concepts in pharmacy fixtures and millwork that allow community pharmacies to cost-effectively maintain an appropriate dispensary design in changing and challenging times.

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The Past, Present and Future of Pharmacy Design

Past, Present and Future of Pharmacy Design

The design of North American dispensaries has seen only a few significant changes in the past 25 years. This session will explore how current and upcoming changes in pharmacy practice (regulated technicians, advancement of patient-focused medication therapy services, injections, immunizations, minor ailment management, etc.) and advancements in pharmacy technology (in-store, centralized and in-home) will impact pharmacy design in the coming 5-years. It is widely acknowledged that the expanding role of community pharmacy within the Canadian healthcare system will require changes in education, definitions of roles and responsibilities, and access to technology. Not widely discussed is the equally important role of the physical layout of the dispensary and adjacent consulting and treatment rooms. “Form follows function” dictates that as the “functions” of our pharmacies (and pharmacists) evolve, so too must the “form” of our pharmacies.

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