The Financial Case for Renovating


Enfield Pharmachoice was a 2,100 sq. ft. pharmacy with an adjacent 1,400 sq. ft. physician’s office complex.

The physicians’ space was not being used and David desperately needed to increase the size of the dispensary to keep up with growing prescription volumes.

It would have been an understatement to say space was tight. At only 217 sq. ft. it was very difficult for the staff to be efficient, and the use of ‘Drug-A-Doors’ for Rx shelving not so subtly revealed the age.

Further adding to the pharmacy’s issues was the use of a single counter for drop-off, pickup and semi-private counseling.

David decided to utilize the empty physician office space to enlarge the dispensary without reducing any of his front shop. Because the existing dispensary was in the proper location (vis-à-vis the front entrance), the new dispensary reception was placed in almost the same spot, with the production areas in the newly freed-up physicians’ space (see layout below).

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